Types of Industry

An industry comprises the systematic production of goods and services for sale. A country’s economy is determined by its industry. We’ll look at the economic transformation in this article by talking about the types of economic sectors: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Three Types

I. Primary Industry:

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The primary sector is concerned with the extraction of natural resources or raw materials from the earth. The economic operations of a primary sector are usually dependent on the nature of that particular place. These industries create products that will be sold or supplied to the general public. A primary industry’s economic operations revolve around using the planet’s natural resources, such as vegetation, earth water, and minerals.

Mining, farming, and fishing are examples of primary industries. This extraction yields raw materials and staple foods, coal, wood, iron, and corn.

Primary industry can be divided into two types:

a. Genetic industry: The genetic sector encompasses the development of raw materials that can be improved via human involvement in the manufacturing process. Agriculture, fisheries, forestry, & livestock management, are all genetic industries vulnerable to scientific & technological advancements in renewable resources.

b. Extractive industry: The extractive industry produces finite raw materials that cannot be replenished through cultivation. Mineral ores are mined, the stone is quarried, and mineral fuels are extracted in the extractive industries.

The primary industry is often the most important sector in emerging countries. When we consider animal farming as an example, it is significantly more important in India, Africa than in any other country.

more about Best practises


  1. Lean Manufacturing.
  2. Initiate Preventive Maintenance.
  3. Enable Automation.
  4. Implement a Quality Management System.
  5. Track Global Trade Compliance and Environmental Standards.
  6. Maintain a Current Operational Restart Checklist
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