Best Practices

These courses target the unique needs of specific industries to strengthen resiliency and foster growth. Industry experts will lead a deep dive into topics such as regulations, laws and customer bases, as well as differentiating essentials of broader topics.

Each series, offered to small businesses for free, are comprised of 2-hour workshops designed to help you establish improving industry-specific best practices.

These series will support businesses in the restaurant, child care and hair industries, as well as others.


Restaurant Best Practices

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Whether you’re planning to open a restaurant or simply want your restaurant to be more profitable, this is a series you won’t want to miss. We’ll take you through all the critical aspects of planning and operating a restaurant. In this series, you’ll skip the learning curve and beat the odds on your way to a successful, profitable business. Students will be selected by a team of professionals.

This series will cover:

  1. Foundation
  2. All successful businesses start with a strong foundation. Explore the critical elements to consider before embarking on your new business or expanding your existing business.
  3. Location and Financing
  4. In this workshop, we’ll explore concept and location, start-up costs, and financing your new restaurant or new profit center.
    Management and Operations
  5. This workshop covers staffing, operational tools for front and back of house, vendors, and maintenance tools that are critical in managing costs and improving quality of life.
  6. Menu Engineering and Four Walls Marketing
  7. Learn how to use your menu and venue as your #1 marketing tool to maximize profits.
  8. Technology and Digital Marketing
  9. Understand the critical role of technology in engaging customers and maximizing sales. A social media marketing expert will join the discussion to answer your questions.
  10. Metrics and Profitability
  11. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Learn about the key restaurant industry benchmarks and how to maximize profitability.

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  1. Lean Manufacturing.
  2. Initiate Preventive Maintenance.
  3. Enable Automation.
  4. Implement a Quality Management System.
  5. Track Global Trade Compliance and Environmental Standards.
  6. Maintain a Current Operational Restart Checklist
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