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Implement the top-notch knowledge resources through tenacityhr to create a perfect workflow within any Companies or educational institution in any Indian regional languages.


Spread your skills and knowledge in online to create a constructive and continual learning environment with the languages you don’t know by using our language translation facility.


Build an universal online learning platform for all age groups to provide an exceptional experience.

Why Choose TenacityHR

Tenacityhr.com is a Knowledge sharing platform on a free and paid basis in academics, Industry, Research & Development and Individuals which covers the life & employability skill required for an individual as well as institution. Also includes Extracurricular activities like sports, music, arts, photography.
Providing a platform for related knowledge sharing forum for its user to upgrade their knowledge as continual improvement.

Can share their knowledge with respect to the topics mentioned in the tenacityhr.com and can get the knowledge that are available in tenacityhr.com especially in their regional languages.

Everyone can exchange their knowledge related to the topics that are available in tenacityhr.com with Zero money.

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